Did You Know No Vaxine, Not Just the Cov Vax Have Ever Been Properly Safety Tested??

Did You Know No Vaxine, Not Just the Cov Vax Have Ever Been Properly Safety Tested??

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Vaccines are 100% safe and effective and necessary our Health Ministers ( drug spruikers spruik ) Those who push dangerous and untested and unnecessary drugs ie vaccines on innocent children or the elderly should face jail for crimes against humanity.
Did you know no vaccine, not just the Covid vaccines have ever been properly safety tested – double-blind placebo gold standard tested. Don’t like this image. Don’t let drug spruikers push drugs upon innocents then. Take a stand. Silence is consent.
. Let the gutless politicians line up for Australia’s National Jab your Pollie day being planned next year where voters will jab any politician that doesn’t denounce Covid vaccines and doesn’t admit that Covid is a Trojan horse for the Great Reset communism agenda.
Let’s let these gutless sellouts take their own medicine. Download my book for free “ The Great Vaccine Con” that I wrote in 2016 thanks to brave Doctors and Scientists who helped me understand the massive fraud in the vaccine industry and how they Planned back then to introduce mandatory vaccines to grow sales from $35 billion pa back then to $100 billion by 2024. That used to be a conspiracy theory. Did you know they tried to hype normal flu from Sth America into a Global Pandemic in 2010 and got caught out according to a motion in the European Parliament? Check out in 1976 YouTube 60 minutes “ Swine Flu expose “ and they forcibly vaccinated Americans killing and injuring many. Would you trust this industry with your innocent child’s life or elderly relatives or even your own?
Stupidity is deadly – but hey don’t believe me – go on take the Covid vaccine – be a good human slave and obey your communist masters – they only want the best for you and your children. And if you have dumb friends that want to push vaccine propaganda tell them to put up or shut up and take my million dollar challenge to prove vaccines are safe and effective and necessary. The world should cease tolerating idiots and stupidity and call out the vaccine whores and give them a taste of their dodgy drug-pushing agenda. www.anrnews.com for no vaccine propaganda bullshit and a free copy of my book. Don’t be an idiot like the sheep as you were given a brain for a reason – use it or lose it.

And maybe take a moment to reflect on just how many innocent babies this industry has murdered every year, and then cover up the deaths, and then use taxpayer money to deny delay, and obstruct rightful compensation.

An industry that claims Covid has killed 1.3 million people without a shred of evidence ( reclassified flu deaths ) yet denies all the evidence of the deaths injuries it causes with their rushed to market dodgy profit-making vaccines. And to think some will take a Covid vaccine and condemn the rest of us to medical tyranny. The world doesn’t need more sheep.

Here’s what others had to say:

Elfyn Thomas
Many Children have died from Vax injury look at what is in them why would you think this is good for Health, we are just used to make big money for the Pharma and the Rich, look at the increase in Autism and ilness that are new, they cant be trusted and we have seen that especially now with what is happening

Alexandra Ranken
Dear Lord may we ask your hand of graciousness on us all especially for this precious beautiful.
Our Gracious LORD we bow before you and ask for your absolute protection
We humble ourselves before you and ask for your complete guidance as we weather these days
In your son JESUS CHRIST we crave your LOVE and PROTECTION for we present ourselves in humble form and guide us

Anne Michelle Kathleen
Not long after my Hep b injury, Ian’s story was shared on Facebook. I remember showing this image to husband and asking him what it reminded him of. His immediate reply (aside from immense empathy and compassion for this baby) was ‘that’s what you looked like after your Hep b vaccine’!!!

Elizabeth Doak
Criminals making these toxic genocide vaccines.

Louanne Louise Corletto
anyone who says something neg about anti vax …if this was your child you would be on the STOP mandatory vaccs….it was turnabull that started the mandatory because HIS WIFE had shares in Vaccines…..it was to fill there pockets not to protect kids………i wish i did reseach this stuff before getting my kids vaxxed……to put poisons into a brand new body that works perfectly well……….

Toula McFadden
When will DoctorsSpeakUp that the Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns is unnecessary and harmful?
Putting the vast majority of US children at unnecessary risk of neurodevelopmental injury with incalculable costs to society is unforgivable.

Toula McFadden
It is not just Hep B vaccine 👇
Settlement for Saba Button, severely disabled after flu vaccine.

Bjorn Murray Skipworth
The real vaccine is Jesus Christ who died for our sins shile we were still sinners amen 🙏!!

Jammie Roberts
And the perpetrators still walk this earth – I hope not for long.

Lizzie Michaelis
You do realise that the Health minister Greg Hunt is a lawyer and has NO medical training AT ALL ! He just says what he is told to say…..This government is so dangerous ….

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