Don’t Take It and Don’t Resign. Make Them Sack You, and Then You Win Big Time

Don’t Take It and Don’t Resign. Make Them Sack You, and Then You Win Big Time

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Don’t take it and don’t resign
Make them sack you, and then you win big time.

Anyone who takes the jab is selling out themselves , their future, and their families future, and our nations future.

It’s rushed to market ( unless you agree it wa a plandemic and not rushed to market ) unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne.

And you won’t have a job longterm if you support the Globalists agenda of taking a experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne for an imaginary flu that can’t hurt you, as they plan to destroy the Global Economy to usher in their Great Reset Agenda.

It’s not a pathway back to normal

They are lying
It’s a pathway to sending society to hell.

Do not think you can take the 6 jabs planned for the first year alone and not be dead or worse so sick you wish you were dead.

They are covering up vaccine death and injury by calling them Covid deaths

The Australian National Review will pay $1 million not for 1000 autopsies of the so called Covid deaths but for just one to be Independently verified and for proof that Covid even exists

Considering we have the evidence it doesn’t unless you count a computer generated genome sequencing created by consensus a deadly virus

Covid is a fraud

For news that refuses to accept Pfizer and co’s money to sell you dodgy experimental drugs and hype a false flu into a supposed deadly pandemic that no one has seen anyone drop dead from nor has anyone died of it in hospitals

Tell the Covid Fraud deniers and vaccine extremists to go f.. themselves

If you watch the idiot box and idiot box presenters and idiot Health Ministers and expect to be anything other then a misled idiot then sadly your more likely to kid yourself the vaccines won’t kill or injure you when they will.

So no to the little pricks like Dickhead Dan Andrews trying to get their little pricks into you and your kids .

It takes zero courage to succumb to bullying, peer pressure, coercion, bribes or threats

And you do have a choice so don’t lie to yourself you don’t

Take the jab and kiss your future goodbye and you sell out your country to the Great Reset Agenda

And of your only idiotic response is that’s a “ conspiracy theory “ as you go back to soaking up your daily mainstream media conspiracies that Covid is a pandemic and the only pathway back to normal is Global Communism and becoming a desperate drug junkie taking something that’s killed 1 million already and injured 100 million ( according the Global Health Organisation )

Here’s what others had to say:

Britt Any
I need survival tips. I am high risk of losing my job 😭 as a single mum. It’s so hard with little support.

Kim Mercieca
Callers to Melb radio, are saying employees are being stood down…..without pay.

John Harris
You can forget about the opposition here in Victoria, they support this. There are farmers I know who live on their land and work there and wont be getting it, as of today I guess they will be issued with a $5000 fine, Do not pay it!

Margaret Ross
Omg Jamie McIntyre all Supreme court challenges thrown out today Hazzard won

Sean Grey Ablez
Why hasn’t this guy been locked up yet??!!!!!!!?!!!

Sonia Dolcetta
Jamie McIntyre i was stood down today after 22 years as a Social Worker in Victoria. I have always prided myself on giving my clients the best service. It is quite heart breaking for us all here in Victoria.

Simon J Robinson
Any jobs out there that don’t require a Vax or proof of Vax.

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