Military Build-Up of Staff at the Hilton Hotel on the Gold Coast, Plus Other Hotels in Sth East QLD Is Most Likely for the Planned Stage 5 Military Lockdowns

Military Build-Up of Staff at the Hilton Hotel on the Gold Coast, Plus Other Hotels in Sth East QLD Is Most Likely for the Planned Stage 5 Military Lockdowns

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Military build-up of staff at the Hilton Hotel on the Gold Coast, plus other hotels in Sth East Qld is most likely for the planned stage 5 military lockdowns, coming to Sth East Qld and major cities.

This will roll out Globally in October.

Lockdowns are done to drive up the vaxxine sales.

A Typical Pfizer tactic, along with the false promises, is that once we are 70% vaccinated or 80% or 90% , we’ll give your freedoms back we illegally took.

Which they know is a lie, as the vaccines are injecting virus’s and toxins into the people and the deadly spike proteins which will cause and agonising death, which spreads a real pandemic to every corner of the world which means permanent lockdowns, to 2025 (as it takes about 3 years on average to die from them and the planned project will be largely complete by March 2025, as by then volunteer pin cushions will be pricked to death)

And unlimited new vaccines, coming for every vaccine-created variant, and then booster shots to speed up the kill rate.

A very effective sales tactic, and de pop tool all in one.

They create fear via the media, to hype a flu strain, into a global pandemic that’s a 2 out of 10 health threat (according to the GHO and European Parliament Motion in 2010 how they tried it back then).

According to Australian Government Officials, it’s simply the bad flu.
But they Inject the masses with a fake vaccine, that’s a 10/10 level health threat and spreads spike proteins to the unvaccinated.

Then blame it on variants and the unvaccinated, to peer pressure more vaccine sales.

Politicians are on bonus for each lockdown, (stress pay) and KPIs set for sales targets to be met or else.

Those that die of the vaccines, sadly show up in the news as Covid or delta deaths to boost sales more and cover up death from their dodgy products.

Ie you’ll see one Penrith guy today.

We have the intell he died from the vaccine.

The media will say “Covid” as they have been for many.

Then the families are placed under suppression orders to not speak out.

As they’ll be sent to jail if they do.

It’s a JV with vaxxine cronies wanting an orgy of sales, and those elite, who want the useless meat-eaters depopulated.

And to usher in the Great Reset Agenda

Global communism
Want to bet against this being true?
Australian National Review 

Here’s what others had to say:

Shannon Blanch
So what your saying is we’re fu**d either way. Unless we can hide out in the country somewhere and self sustain until 2025?

Jodie Hughson
My husband is ex ADF he is furious about the states using the army he has written this.
Defence Instructions are the bible for the ADF and it covers every aspect of defence, in this case Operations. It has more pages than the holy scripture. However OPs 01-2 deals in brief about defence civil policing powers and they basically have none with exception of espionage, treason, protection of Commonwealth Property and under the authority of the state Governors and the Governor general to police domestic violence (civil and armed uprising involving violence).
Funny that QLD is about to appoint the useless beaut act at CHO Jeanette young as governor hmmm join the dots.

Ryszard Sudak
There will be more vax induced deaths.

Christie-Lee Britten
They hired actors to pretend they were sick in hospital with covid. Paid $900 each it was on the news the other night.

Ian Barker
I agree with most of that Jamie, except the vaxxed are spreading something. I believe that to be a faulse narriative to create fear, distrust and division. Others do not and cannot make us sick. Our own body does that.

Steve Brookes
If this is all true it’s already over it’s check mate.

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