Stopping People Accessing the Truth, Goes Against Vaxxine Sponsored Community Standards

Stopping People Accessing the Truth, Goes Against Vaxxine Sponsored Community Standards

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Stopping people accessing the truth, goes against vaccine sponsored community standards.

Murdering innocents in cold blood, with a dodgy experimental drug, disguised as a quackzinne, for an imaginary flu created by a computer generated, genome sequencing, by consensus, though is perfectly fine.

You’d have to be a coward to fear “Covid“ and deeply mislead, and an utter fool to take a death shot.


Here’s what others had to say: 

Judy Alder
STOP that Jamie. Ease off. Have some compassion for people living in fear

Judy Alder stop telling the truth.
That will only condemn more innocents to death.
If the truth is ugly then tough.

It’s far uglier to fall for a lie, and as a result die.

Gem Crothers
Can we start a discussion about Anastasia’s concentration camps in Toowoomba? Surely they are being built in other States too, she just got unlucky and was caught out. I bet we won’t be able to leave unless we agree to the jab. What can we do to stop the unvaccinated having to go to these “Wellcamps”!!!!!

Lyndon James
Ignorance of the truth is what has led us here. There are consequences for ignorance and we are experiencing it.

Charmaine Barling
I’ve only just recently been released from Facebook (fuckbook) prison. For what? For sharing the truth! Facebook can go and get fucked, right along with Mark fuckerberg and his fact checkers. Bring on truth social, where we can share the truth without punishment

Cameron Russell
Exactly. The majority of people are acting like Bots.

Eddie Sajovic
If this vaccine works, then why isn’t it working?

Jon Geoghegan
It’s incredible anybody could possibly think the big tech censorship on behalf of pharmaceutical companies with record fines for fraud could be for their benefit.

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