The Biggest Fear the Globalists Have Is a Well Organised Resistance

The Biggest Fear the Globalists Have Is a Well Organised Resistance

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

I find it very inspiring that no matter where I go , even in regional Australia, I get stopped by strangers and the most common thing they say

“Your that Jamie McIntyre guy – just wanted to thank you so much for what your doing to save our country , we appreciate everything your trying to do “, and also surprisingly a lot of celebrities from around the world ( the good celebrities , not the ones that have sold out to the Globalists- some like Arnie Schwarzenegger, and Richard Branson, who I’ve hosted at my events in the past ,but I now denounce them, for supporting the Covid fraud, and the dodgy and deadly Global Medical experiment.

I bet Dan Andrew’s or Sco Mo don’t get the same reception.
And this is despite massive censoring, and deletion of page after page on platforms that were getting millions of views
The fact is without censoring videos I and other truth speakers create would be getting more viewers then CNN , BBC, ABC, Channel 7,9,10 could ever dream of with multi million budgets

Mainstream media is in a death spiral

That’s why they take the money from big Pharma that is now the only thing keeping them in existence . Same could be said for our dodgy sell out politicians.

I’m proud of Australian National Review ,it’s loyal team and supporters ,and donors, our Global Independent Media Partners and sponsors

The biggest fear the Globalists have is a well organised resistance which we are helping create
What they haven’t factored in is a well organised global Independent media conglomerate even if it’s a not for profit

We don’t need to pay journalists $100 k pa

As when people are on purpose and fighting g for a cause they’ll work for free if need be,
Murdoch can go f.,, himself

We all have choice to be a force for good or a sell out
If money is your god then you have no god.

You have sold your soul
Yes money is important but only for its purpose to be a force for good

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Tony Willows
100% with you jamie and for the freedom of choice for all australians.

Craig Hiscock
100% with you Jamie

Margaret Ross
When you try and share the website on messenger it won’t let you it says it’s abusive

Kazzi Lee Vendy
You are a damn fine man Jamie McIntrye !!
Are you ready to take over the BIG JOB ??

Lizzie Michaelis
Funeral director in Ireland saying the number of dead people is gone up to the roof since vaccination

Maggie Barnes
No jab for me, can i have $1000?

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