You Cannot Change Tomorrow, What You Did Not Take the Time To Research Today

You Cannot Change Tomorrow, What You Did Not Take the Time To Research Today

By Australian National Review

What if your child was the one?

Imagine you do the “right” thing, and vaccinate your child because you believe you need to, to ensure that your child stays healthy. Now imagine that you weren’t told that that the public policy was to protect the good of all society and if some get ‘sacrificed” along the way that’s the price that we pay for the good of society.

But imagine, if it was your child that was the one that changed, got ‘sacrificed’. How would you feel? Grateful? Knowing that you’d done your bit for society, and despite what had happened to you, and your child, it was for the greater good, and you’d done your bit to protect other people’s children.

Or would you look at your child, your baby, and wonder…wonder about what could have been…wondered who they would have been….and just wondered what was and no longer can be.

Would you ask….Who was protecting my child? My baby? And ask what is society and where does the individual, my baby, fit in?

Because if you knew that a conscious decision is made, to allow, without long term scientific evidence to specifically and categorically prove beyond reasonable doubt the accumulative affect on a baby and small child of toxins placed into their body via the vaccination process…without long term scientific evidence of the accumulative effect of all of the all vaccines put together, in a child’s body, your child’s body, and I say long term effect, because the level and amount of toxins and the current vaccination schedule that has seen  the tripling of vaccinations given in the last 15 years means  there is NO way of knowing the long term effect on your child, because quiet literally we haven’t lived it yet.

Would you have stop to consider your choices?

Would you at least taken one hour to look at the information out there and stop and thought about what you are doing. Would you have listened to the amount of anecdotal evidence, that increases each year, from parents who say time and time again, it happened after the vaccinations, my baby was normal and now she’s not. Would you have waited for the double blinded study, that is physically impossible to achieve, that cannot possibly allow for all risk factors, for all children

Would you have wondered what it would mean for the public health officials if they were wrong, and they made you believe it was safe, but now unexplainably, your childs changed?  Then would you have asked yourself, how would society respond if the officials were wrong and you like millions of others trusted them. What would be the outcry…the threat to our basic underlying fabric of society.

Would you have asked yourself, whether this was the biggest public experiment, done at the expense our children. And would you have felt ok that your family, was part of it, part of this experiment, without knowing that perhaps you did not have all the facts at hand to make that decision in an informed way.

Would you have used your own logic, you’re innate, to question whether it made sense that the same vaccination doses given to a baby are the same as those given to a 2 year old or older, despite the difference in body weight and size. Or just been happy with the fact that there “is no scientific evidence to suggest it doesn’t matter”.

Would you have asked, “whose sponsoring this evidence?” And would you really have cared about what the results were in 20 years time if there was a chance that your baby, your child, might be different tomorrow. Because your child, despite all the odds, despite all the evidence, despite the official line claiming there is no link… was the one…the one that changed.

So now before you make that decision at least know that you made a decision. Make it conscious. Know that you took the time to reflect, and think about what you’re doing. Because no matter what your decision, whether you do or don’t vaccinate, it is your decision and it is it is your child, and your child matters more to you than society as a whole, the collective. So I ask make sure your decision is an informed one.

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