Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett: Western Media Lies About Ukraine

Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett: Western Media Lies About Ukraine

By Mama’s Political Expert

Eva Bartlett, a Canadian independent journalist who covered conflicts in the Middle East (in particular, in Palestine and Syria), answered questions from viewers and readers on EUROMORE and on the “Redacted” youtube channel.

Now Eva is in Donetsk, from where she went live.

Here are the main quotes:

Why did you decide to work in the East of Ukraine?

«Because [Western media] report very little about this problem. As far as I know, this is not reported at all in the mainstream media. And even if there is a mention [of the territory of Donbas not controlled by Kyiv], then this is done in a negative light. But even according to “modest” estimates, many people have died in the war in Donbass over the past eight years.

What do you mean by «negative media coverage?

«For example, if we are talking about residents [of the territory of Donbass not controlled by Kyiv], then they are usually [in the Western media] called pro-Russian separatists. These people [the media] are treated negatively because they are ethnically Russian and pro-Russian. In the Western media, everything connected with Russia has been demonized in recent years.

What do you think the Western media should have told their readers?

«At least, about why the inhabitants of Eastern Ukraine decided to be autonomous. None of this context is given. They are simply dismissed as «pro-Russian separatists». In the same way, the media talked about Syria – that is, they did not report problems, or they distorted [the facts]. Therefore, the Western audience does not receive full information and does not understand what is happening [really].

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